Ladies and Gentlemen... The site is now open for business! Feel free to submit character profiles, and once we've go a few characters going, we'll begin the RPs! Also, you may want to read the new history Agent X has written up! The Age of Wrath has Begun! - Wing Saber

The results have decided that it will be a hard reboot, and Agent X and I have decided to center the theme around the Age of Wrath. Agent X is currently working on a history write up, and soon I'll be updating the site accordingly. - Wing Saber

Currently set in the Age of Wrath, focused on Cybertron's Seven Warring City-States: Iacon, Kaon, Polyhex, Tarn, Vos, Crystal City, and Simfur. Once this RP finishes up, We shall jump ahead to the end of the Golden Age.
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Creating Characters:

Name: (Your character's Name)

City-State: (Iacon, Kaon, Vos, Tarn, Polyhex, Simfur, or Crystal City)

Team: (What team you want to join, if any. Note: You will have to get permission from the team leader)

History: (Your character's history)

Personality: (your character's personality)

Weapon of choice: (weapons your character uses)

Alt Mode: (Can be any vehicle or animal)

Size: (based on toy sizes... Minicon, Cyberverse, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, Ultimate)

Extra: (any other information)

Creating Teams:

Team Name: (name of the team)

City-State: (Iacon, Kaon, Vos, Tarn, Polyhex, Simfur, Crystal City)

Team Leader: (name of the team's leader, must be created already or in same post)

Team's primary function: (Could be scout team, special ops team, or any other you can think up)

Maximum Members: (how many characters can your team have. Not all teams will have a maximum)

Team History: (how your team was formed)

Extra: (any other information)

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